Village of Patchogue

Patchogue Village Website Design
Village of Patchogue

The redesign of the Village of Patchogue’s website focused on easier access to information across all devices. The website is completely responsive for optimal display on any size screen, from mobile to desktop.

A redesigned navigation offers quicker access to information based on the user that is browsing the site, and a search feature in the main navigation provides instant access to the content the user is looking for.

An alerting system allows Village staff to feature important information affecting residents, business owners, and visitors alike, and upcoming plans for the site look to extend this feature into opt-in broadcast alerts delivered in the manor of the user’s choosing (email, SMS, etc.).

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News & Announcements

The Gateway is Back!!!

The Gateway is back now that restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic are finally being lifted and space in this year’s Gateway Playbill is booking up

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How to Start a Podcast

In 2018, I decided to start a podcast with a friend. It’s been a huge learning curve and there aren’t many tools that exist to make the process nice and easy so I thought I would share at least a good amount of what I’ve learned so far to help demystify the process for anybody that might be thinking of starting their own show.

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